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Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Amy Jo

My three year old granddaughter loves the purple octopus - so when I received an amigurumi book from her mom, I was delighted to see an octopus in there. Not just any octopus - a PURPLE one! So, I finally got around to starting it while on the plane to San Diego. After a stalwart beginning I read line under Row 22 - add the eyes and cheeks. I did not have eyes and cheeks. Decided they could be put on later. Finishing Row 24, I read the NEXT line - start putting in the stuffing. Needless to say, I did not bring stuffing.

This is when I put down the size G hook and picked up the size I hook and began to make more squares out of Vanna's Choice. Both the plane trip down and the plane trip back took five hours, so I did finish quite a few squares. Not the octopus, though.

Thus, I am back to the octopus between square swapping so that I can have him finished before my trip to Portland to see the little darlings. It is the youngest first birthday so we are making an early appearance. G'pa does not like crowds and sharing of the grandchildren all that much. We are doing one of our deadheads in and out. I am bring the extra gift along for the oldest - a bad habit to start, but one I fear is the bane of most grandmothers. You just don't want to show preferential treatment to any of them, and especially when the youngest is getting lots of attention.

And besides - these two will be the only ones I ever have, so I need to make the best of what time there is to spoil them from afar! 

Method to my madness!!!!!

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