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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Photo Tutorial - sort of - on Tunisian Color Changes

Chain four in one color - chain on hook is 5th chain
Pull up loop in new color, being sure not to pull last loop too tight
Chain four more - loop on hook is first stitch of next row.
Go back into each chain and pull up four more stitches (5).
When you get to the new color, pull it under and then over the "old" color

Pulling it over to use to do the next loop.

Hold (pinch) the old color up against your fabric...
...and continue pulling up the new chain color.
You should end with having five loops of color A and five loops of color B
Now start working them off the chain in the return pass.

When you get to the next color, be sure you have one loop of EACH color on the hook.
You will now pull up the new color from under (the first row it actually isn't under, but will be on all subsequent rows) and then over top of the last color - this will make the color unwind.
Pull it (not too tight).....
....and then pinch it again to hold that yarn down....
....then draw through the new yarn through the two loops on the hook (one old color loop and one new color loop.
Continue doing the same stitches.....cut yarn to change colors, or use a different color altogether.  Stranding in the back is not recommended as it is more than 3 stitches and pulls the fabric too much. Weave in ends as you go.

I am doing a tutorial on Tunisian on Ravelry in the Vanna's Choice group and need a place to store my photos! ;o) 

Pop on over there and see what's going on!


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