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Saturday, November 6, 2010

And along comes the Donkey .....

So here is the second little animal for the Nativity .... they just are so cute! Same pattern purchased for the whole set from Carolyn Christmas, link in the last post.  This is the first time that I put on the little plastic eyes.  Liked it so much that I went to a site called 6060 and purchased a whole bunch of cute eyes, and even some noses! ;o)

Now here he is saying goodbye to everyone before his long journey.  The rest of the group are those that I have received in the swap.  The sheep to the left are from Noah's Ark, but fit right in with the Nativity set!  In a larger format it's a bit blurry.

Isn't this a nice family.


  1. Your nativity is so cute.

    DO you sew the eyes on or they attached some other way? I must check the site out and see what they have . . . like I need anything else to do.

  2. OMG!! ! !

    How cute are all the eyes and noses at the 6060 etsy shop "0}

  3. Hey Paula! As you probably know by now, the eyes are 'safety' eyes that snap on. I think no matter what they call them, when you are using them in crochet or knitting they can pull out, so aren't safe for little kids. I even put them in when I was all through, so they do go through the "holes" in the yarn pattern.

    Aren't those the cutest things at 6060! Love the cute noses, too!

    On the rest of the Nativity I did yarn eyes - just the plastic eyes on the Donkey to try it out. Shhhhhh - she hasn't received it yet!