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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fixed .....

We had plenty of light rain for two days, but just before it hit we were able to have the land slide "fixed" - filled up with dirt.  So, having the rain was a nice touch to settle it down and smooth it out. The top photo shows the huge backhoe at the front of our house patting down the dirt which was brought over by another machine.  These young men worked FAST.

These are the "before the rain" photos .... remember that from top to bottom is about 100 feet.  Thank goodness the trees survived and now have their roots covered.


  1. Will you havw to plant anything in the dirt to try to have it hold it's place now?

    \0/ paula

  2. I don't think so - it was the broken water pipe that made it slide, not the rain. We have such gentle rains that I think weeds and grass will grow on the slope quite quickly. I'm not worried about it sliding down again.

    Also most of the Juniper that washed out is on the slope somewhere! It's so hardy more than likely pieces of it will start growing and in a couple of years we will have Juniper all the way down the slope! ;o)