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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morning Photos

These were taken the 21st of December when the early fog was coming in - could not resist the photo from atop our hill - makes it look like the valley is snowed in completely....well, it WAS covered in snow, but not THAT deep!

The first one is that of the Moon going down and the fog beginning to come in off the Snake River.

The next one is after the moon went down and the sun started coming up - and the fog REALLY rolled in! you can see in the background that the hills are getting covered.

The last photo is of my neighbor's home. I like to take a photo each season and share a few with them - they always look like something you could put on a greeting card.

These are all in COLOR - although Mother Nature seems to have made them look like black and white!


  1. Oh wow! You could use this for your Christmas cards next year. They are amazing.

  2. No black and white photos here . . gorgeous sky blue and all shades of white and grey . . GORGEOUS area of the country :0}