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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another web site with Crochet (and some knit, too)

This is a pic on Doris Chan's Ravelry page, and belongs to Webs, which is new to me. The yarn used is that which belongs to the people who run the web page, Valley Yarns.


This Webs page was also listed in the Doris Chan pattern page on Ravelry. I see that the patterns listed on Webs are not expensive, very cute, and some different ones at that.  

I thought we all needed another place to check out patterns! Garnstudio and NaturallyCaron are still my favorite places, though, but I need to check this out.  Might come in a close 3rd. Both Garnstudio and NaturallyCaron use their own yarn, just like this site. I do buy their yarns just to keep the sites available for free patterns.

I honestly have to say that the Drops yarns are some of the best and least expensive of the better yarns out there.  I buy it from a place in California called NordicMart. They are not only full of great yarn and prices, they are also one of the most responsive places for customer service that I have ever used. You can also buy the Drops catalogs for a song if you don't want to go to the web site all the time and print out the patterns. Mostly knit, so I stick to the web pages although have been known to purchase one or two just to see how the other half lives - and to see IF I can every make a knit pattern into a crochet pattern. 

Let me know what you think of the Cowl and the pattern.  Of course, I thought a Cowl was around the neck......what do I know. Looks like a mobius shawl to me!

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  1. I actually just finished making this mobius this morning. :) Loved making it. Used lace weight yarn for it, though and wasn't reading the pattern properly to get the correct size so I'll definitely be making it again. The one I made is fine, but it isn't big and drapy like the one in the photo. It's a very simple pattern, though. Give it a go!