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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween......(and then Thanksgiving-time flies!)

So much to be happy about...beautiful weather, great friends, a wonderful family, and having hubby around to share it all.  If only we could hold onto these moments.

Photos are really a great way to do that....grabbing those moments in time with a loved one. Videos are great, too.  I wish I had more of both of my own mother, but right now it isn't too late for you.  Ask your mom a question that you have always wondered about...her first date, how she met your dad, was she afraid when she found out she was pregnant?  All sorts of personal questions abound...and you can take a short video of her answer.  These will be moments for you to cherish as the years go by, and when you chance to do such a thing is no longer available.
We live too far away from the road, and in too remote a location, to have little kids come by for candy. The only thing I think that is good about that (other than not having the expenditure) is that we don't have the BIG kids coming by.  I would hope that more families would make room for their teens who want to celebrate, and join together with the school or church or neighborhood so they can celebrate in peace (not necessarily quiet) and safety.  Leave the trick or treating to the children of lesser years.
Last year the granddaughters were some sort of ghouls for Halloween, but my favorite was when the oldest was Darth Vader and the youngest was Eeyore! This is 3 years ago.
This year one is going to be Tinkerbell and youngest is going to be Jack Skelton (I think the same as last year), her most favorite person in all the world.

I asked The Daughter what she was going to be for Halloween.  
She said a tired mama.


  1. Oh what a cute picture. Halloween is really for the little ones, isn't it? They are so cute all dressed up.

    What are you working on craft-wise?

  2. Crafts???? Just putting together an afghan or two....I keep looking at patterns to make, recipes to cook, and it makes me tired just thinking about them! ;o) I'm getting ready to make some Christmas Angels....and hopefully will remember to post as I go! Memory - a precious commodity - and I keep losing it!