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Saturday, November 12, 2011

American Made Gifts

I was thinking about our economy this week, and about how as a consumer I could help a little.  People are cutting back, but not stopping, on their Christmas shopping.

I began to think about all the wonderful craft type places here in the states and our close neighbors, that produce items from scratch....none from China! ;o)

So, today I present you with History Lives which is a small company in New England, and is a division of Cooper Fife Drum Company.

Here you will find some objects replicated from historical facts, including Tops, Whirly-gigs, and Table Top Nine Pins.  I plan on buying Jacob's Ladder for a nephew named Jacob! ;o)

There are many other wonderful companies in America that are suffering.  I am sure that there are others in our neighboring countries, as well as in Europe.  Should you find one that sells specialty items we can afford, let me know.  I think we can all save a little money and do our part to help the "little man" afford their turkey for this Christmas.

Blessings to you all.


  1. People could also help support local artists by shopping etsy..

  2. Good idea Vikki! I know that several of my friends of Etsy shops, and they create some FABULOUS items!