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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gifts, etc.

Well - today I saw a beautiful pattern by Lily Go.  It is called Blue Lagoon.  They are doing a CAL on it in Ravelry so I think I might join just as a relaxation exercise.  Something for me.  She has both crocheted and knitted shawls...other things, too I think. All her work is simply beautiful!  And she is so young!!!! 

Come join the fun! I'll post my ever so s-l-o-w progress.  I am working faster, instead, on my nephews afghan which will be, unfortunately, late for Christmas. I'll get some photos of that, also.

I am also thinking of some items to purchase for Christmas.  I was introduced last year to a place called Solitude Wool by a friend.  I think you can tell by the name that they sell wool. Located in the east.  The two ladies have their own sheep, but also buy wool from small farms, and you can buy just the most wonderful yarn.  Pricey, but beautiful.  It's fun to check out the web page to just look at the sheep!


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  1. I'll take one of those little lambs, please . . lolol

    If I had a farm, I would probably have to get some . . so they chew your grass which would be a perk also.