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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hanging Hearts

I was reading in a magazine that had a bit of advertising for vintage handmade items. One of those were hanging hearts made from old fabric - the big flowered type - and hung with that thin rope....what do you call it? Oh - TWINE.

So the old fabric and the twine gave it a vintage feel.  How much, you say?  $45.00 BIG  ONES!  I about died. They looked to be about four inches tall, maybe six.  But $45.00????  I say not.  I was trying to find things to recommend for Christmas gifts, but in THIS case, I think I would have to recommend that you make your own.  And if you don't believe me, I also looked it up here. View at your own risk!

Now this little dove heart is one is from information linked below. The site is called Live, Laugh Love and I think you WILL love it!

This site is what I found while embarking on a search for some handmade hearts that were not so darn expensive...and I found some rather lovely ones if I do say so myself. Are you up for hanging one from your tree this Christmas?  Or are you going to give your heart away? 
These are not here is the US, but they live with our brethren in the UK. :o)  Now these little gems are just perfect - perfectly priced, and perfectly beautiful!

Happy Hunting!

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