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Friday, January 6, 2012

It's a beginning…..

I just started the sweater, but I think it is going to be even larger than I thought.  Might have to give it to an adult instead of my granddaughter! Hah! 

I find that using the tweedy type coloration is hard to see the stitches. I have had a slow go of it until I finally have gotten to where I recognize the stitch configuration.  I think if I do this one again I will use just a plain colored yarn, nothing with striations or variegations.

The yarn is very soft - even softer than the "normal" Vanna's Choice, so that makes me hope it will actually fit the 3 year old, and if not, then the soon to be 6 year old!


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  1. You are correct . . for some reason this yarn DOES feel softer than normal Vanna yarn.