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Monday, October 15, 2012

Knitting and Crocheting in Sitka

My dear friend from  Sequim, WA sent me a link to a lovely blog....and this particular post as all about her trip to the LYS in Sitka, AK for a few hours of fun and relaxation.  It is similar, yet different, from my own shop in Payette, ID but I can tell has the same feel.  This is what I hope my shop will grow into some day...where locals come to sit, knit, crochet and enjoy each other's company.

My husband had a pharmacy in Sitka for 20 years or so.  He and his wife raised their children there.  My step-kids, although I prefer to think of them as MY children! ;o)

I did not see this shop when I visited there the last two times, but I will certainly find it the next time I get up there....hopefully with the kids and granddaughters for a mini-vacation.

Have you visited your LYS lately?  Even to sit and crochet or knit, or visit a bit? Sometimes that is all that is needed to make an owner feel that all the time and trouble to keep the shop open, makes it worthwhile!

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