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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A present from the sweetest gal on earth.....

For some reason I thought I had posted about this....I received a very generous gift from my BFF....and it comes in soooooooo handy!  It can actually travel with me and I find that to be a super big help as can take yarn and travel!  Don't make a big mess while I'm keeping busy....

Isn't it beautiful!  Just the right size!  Thanks Bev!!

My niece sent some snapshots of her daughter Eva CATHERINE. :o)
She is a pistol!

And her mother, my beloved Dotter, is gorgeous!
Expecting again!  Yay!!!

Eva was born on our anniversary, and now the second child is expected fairly close to my birthday (and also my brother's birthday as we are only 3 days apart) - how cool that the next child might share another special day!

Happy Days!

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  1. Gorgeous. And congratulations! :) What a pretty bowl... You are blessed.