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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The NEXT double crochet in a corner!!!

One of my learning sessions came when I had a light go on in my head. I realized I was using the wrong dc when I started making squares. My squares all tilted to the left. I dissected the squares from the better crocheters that I had received and realized that the "next" dc in a corner was actually IN THE CORNER! That the loop over a 'post' or just barely to the right of it, was the top of that stitch. So when the instructions indicated that I was to do 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc in the corner and then dc in the NEXT dc - it was the very first dc and loop I came to. You can see by the 3 arrows the 3 rows in which I was to put the next stitch. :o)

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