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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello and salutations!  I was feeling sorry for myself today due to pain in the lower back pain and my arthritis acting up all over my body.  Nothing seemed to relieve it all.  When I do feel bad for little ol' me I think about someone who didn't just feel bad due to back pain, but who had an operation because of it, my BFF, and that seems to put it all inperspective.

However, today was a one of the worst days for pain I have had since the trip, so was really feeling puny and sorry for me. ;o(  This time I went to a Ravelry friends blogspot to see what life it really like where pain is concerned.

Have you ever heard of Chiari?  It was not a word in my vocabulary until last year when I met Keesha.  You should take a look at what she has to go through on a good day.  Prayers of love and respite should be sent her way on a daily, hourly basis.

Check her out here.  I suppose one of the many things that she amazes me with is that she still crochets!  What a lovely lady, indeed.  I would hope that I could be as courageous!  Time to say a prayer or two for her and others with like afflictions.  Who's the patron saint of backs, anyway?


  1. Oh Cat, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. I'm waving my magic wand as fast and hard as I can, hoping it will work and give you some relief. Take it easy and I hope you start feeling better SOON!

  2. That makes on stop and think...

    Feel better soon..:-)


  3. Sometimes we all need to have a little pity-party for ourselves. But, seeing the suffering of others will soon bring us back into proper perspective. I hope you're feeling better soon and am sending happy thoughts your way!