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Friday, October 30, 2009

Glad to be home!

It use to seem like seven days was such a short, short time to visit family or go on vacation. Now it seems like an eternity!  Funny, too, as when I am home the days seem to fly by and an hour is not nearly enough time to get something done.  When I was a child an hour was a huge amount of time to play outside with one of my brothers or a friend.

I believe, for me, it's because when I'm gone from my own bed and in the care of another person I am not doing the usual things I do to get through a day. There is no 'usual' any longer. The fact that I had a blast, that I ate until I popped, and was able to see friends and family doesn't apply. It is the lack of the 'sameness' that seemed to make the days longer. And yet, I so enjoyed my visit.

EXCEPT for the time at the hospital.  Visiting UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest, San  Diego.  I had a bronchoscopy at the hands of some very fine, talented, and wonderful people and I suspect that they are just as wonderful to other patients who aren't friends with one of their nurses!  However, the bronchoscopy is a little like water torture, except you know you aren't going to drown. At least I don't think so. It was a comfortable thought, so I gurgled away! Literally.

I am happy to report that my lungs (so far) showed clear and so did my sinus. Now I will be getting the results today or Monday of the saline lung wash, etc., to see if there was anything showing. If not, I then go to some allergist and am retested for a myriad of various substances, animal, mineral, etc., to see if I have acquired yet another allergy which has gone untreated. Sigh.

I have had this cough for over 25 years. It is annoying. It is uncomfortable. It hurts at times. It is embarrassing, too. Especially now when people are so afraid of the flu.  They move away, give you dirty looks, make remarks under the breath.  I generally say something like, "I'm not sick, just have a chronic cough due to allergies" so they won't be so alarmed and start checking their tongue every hour after sitting next to me! ;o)

On a different note, our one and only Enthusiastic Crochetoholic from the UK is asking the Universe to send her a male companion or friend.  I thought that the Mildred cartoon is an appropriate addition to her appeal.  I'll send out my prayers to my personal favorite upstairs person for her, so perhaps you can too!??!


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  1. I'm happy to hear you're back and that so far, nothing serious was found. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hope you have a nice and restful weekend. - Keri