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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Autumn Square

Autumn Square
The reality is that this square is not really anything wonderfully special - to anyone but ME! I have to admit it is a personal accomplishment for me to have finally understand how to make patterns in single crochet. Trying to do so is the reason I went to Tunisian.
So much easier and faster. However, it always bothered me that so many patterns utilized this technique and I could not do it.

After purchasing a book by Jan Eaton with patterns for squares, I was even more frustrated. For the last year I tried and tried to do something and each time it became
frustrating and impossible.

THEN - I bought yet another book by Jan Eaton. This one is not a pattern book, but a how to book. In it she describes how to accomplish the single crochet patterns (something I feel would have been nice if she had described in the earlier book!).

Now I am going to tell you who have been like me - unable to grasp the situation. I don't use bobbins, so how I treat my material would be a bit different. I am going to explain to you as if you are using bobbins. If you don't, like me, it is a bit trickier on how to change

First, when changing color you will have two loops on the hook after drawing up a yo. Then (on the right side) drop the old color to the back and pick up the new color, yo and pull it through the two loops. Continue all the way across changing colors thusly. (Doesn't that sound really intelligent! Hah!).

Going back across on the wrong side all of your yarn will be on the side facing you. As you continue across going back you will do as you would normally do until you reach the next change in color. Drop the old color to the front with two loops on the hook, then pick up and drop the new color to the back, yo, and pull through a loop. That's it! Each time you change colors you must drop the "old" color to the front (which is the wrong side remember) and put the new color in back (which is the right side!).

On your return, with the right side facing you, all the yarns are at the back which is "normal." (As if anything in this world is really normal!).


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