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Monday, October 19, 2009

The last of the Hexagons Plus 2

These Hexagons are all made from the same pattern - Rockland Throw by Doris Chan for Caron.  Sure does look different with the change of colors as well as the change in placement of the colors.  Really love this pattern.  I believe I will make a whole throw with two or three colors out of this.  :o)  

The log cabin type square is for the swap, but I was using an H hook and did not want to continue in the pattern as it was going to come out too busy - too many logs!  So I put two borders around to frame it. Lazy.

The bottom square is from 99 Crochet Squares and is #42, I think.....I'll have to double check that tomorrow.  If it is, I'll leave it. Otherwise, will fix the number.  It is an Angel Square for RedDoorMeg from, can you imagine, a swap from APRIL!  She never complained and kept waiting and waiting and waiting for her square to come and FINALLY gave up.  Now she will have a Silver Blue Square and can complete her afghan!  the pattern ended in round six or seven and did not come to the point like I did it.  Hope it isn't too - I don't know - too different?  I looks to me like it needs one more round but is already 12".  I am waiting to see if it shrinks, as they most often do, and will then put one more round of sc or dc, according to the size.  That will make me feel better!

I have a few more squares in the works, ends to weave in, and then a plane to catch on Thursday.  I'm visiting family for a week.  Sunny Southern California!

Thanks, Susan, for sending me your info!  I see we have a lot in common....if I keep losing inches, we may end up the same height, too!   And yeah - I LOVE peach cobbler.  Having lived in GA, SC, and NC I would be insane not to - and Pecan Pie!  Yum!  Now I sound like Beverooni, in that I should know how to make them, but alas I don't. Not a cook or baker.  Just get by feeding a hubby who will eat most anything. I am SO blessed!

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  1. You are too funny, BFF.

    Love all those hexagons. Isn't it amazing the difference the same pattern can make with different colors? Wow, I wouldn't have realized it without you posting all of those one after the other.

    I've got a no-fail peach cobbler recipe I am going to send you.