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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Log Cabin Square

Log Cabin Square - this came out to 12" starting with a 10 sc and 10 rows, then 5 rows of sc there after.  Nice!!!  When I turn and start the next row, I am not doing a chain one as it makes a bit of a bump which keeps it from looking perfectly squared.  I like the smoother look a lot better.

ETA:  I wrote this on Ravelry - hope it helps:

Chain 11, sc in second loop from hook, across chain to have 10 sc. Turn work and without chaining, sc in first stitch and each stitch after (10). Continue for 10 rows total, fasten off.
Change colors, and single Crochet in first stitch of last row, crochet across for 10 stitches; crochet 5 rows, fasten off.
Turn the work to the side, and using the same color, sc in each row of the second color so that there are five sc, then you will sc across the side of the first color block for 10 stitches. Turn you work as above, but do not chain (still & again) just sc in the first stitch. You will do five rows again. Fasten off.
Change colors - turn the work and sc in the corner of the last row completed. You will again single crochet five across (four more) to the end of the ‘log’ and then single crochet across the bottom for 10 more on the next color log. In like manner, you then fasten off and hook the same color on to the last stitch of the last row on the side.
Continue until you reach the size you want. The thing to remember is you are not making a square per se, so you are not going round and round.  You are making distinct patterns, or 'logs', one on top of another.  In this case the beginning square is 10 rows. The first log sits right on top and is five rows.  When you turn the work to the side after fastening off you have 10 rows of red and 5 rows of cream  to sc the 15 stitches - one sc for each row.
Okay - now tell me if this makes sense!!!!!!


  1. That is sharp!!!


  2. I agree with you. Very sharp looking. I like the way it turned out.