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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Log Cabin

Now I'm ticking along! This is my first try at making a Log Cabin square. I could not actually find a pattern for this, so made up one on my own. In this version I started with an I hook, using Vanna's Choice in Chocolate. I made six rows of six single crochets. Then singled crocheted across with Lamb for three rows of six single crochets each row.

I turned the work and did nine single crochets, 3 rows in the same Lamb. The turned the work and did nine single crochets with Cranberry. Then, turning the work I did 12 single crochets with the Cranberry....and so forth, and so on.

The main thing, I believe, is to make the first square with an even number that you can halve. Six rows is not very big for making a large might try 12 rows instead (and then make a cooresponding amount of sc that would make it square), then do six rows each stripe after that.

If this doesn't make sense, let me know......

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