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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Potholders of sorts...

I will be mailing these out next week for a charity swap. The square is actually a rectangle strip done in the treble pebble look. I folded it over to make it double and crocheted it together using a single crochet. Then put a double crochet border around. So easy. It's in cotton, nice and thick, and didn't take long.

I'm thinking of making more in red and green for Christmas to tie on the front of packages instead of a bow! ;o)  What do you think?  I can't cross stitch, so a cute tree in bobbles would be appropriate, yes?

The other one is a pot handle holder. I started the pattern for the "magic" potholder where you chain 37 or so, double crochet down the edge and then double crochet down the other edge. After I had it about 2" or so (???) I folded it the opposite way than what you are suppose to do and made it into something to use for pot handles or for lids. Works like a charm, and is one of those things you can tuck into a drawer where nothing else will fit unless you wad it up. I hate to give it up, but only takes a few minutes to make so will be able to whip one out in no time!

Last, but not least, my SIL gave me a few pages from an OLD OLD pamphlet that has decorations for Christmas - snowflakes and angels.  Can't wait to post some and lets see if you can make some, too!


  1. Awesome! Love your new blog look.

  2. Those would be terrific gifts! Much better than bows that get tossed in the trash! :)
    -Keri in OKC