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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Secret Santa & My Itsy Bitsy Gift from Karen

Well, I signed up for two Secret Santa swaps and am having a dickens of a time.  It isn't the small "stuff" that worries me - I have to have a hand made item, and THAT is what is kicking me in the rear!  I don't knit, so it has to be crocheted. My ladies excel at making things for themselves, so I have to come up with something special that they don't make, and there lies the problem.  They make everything.  For everyone.  Phooey.

The photo is of the Itsy Bitsy Swap on Ravelry - called "The Cloth Swap" and we chose face or dish.  These two most beautiful came from BIG (Brooklyn Irish Girl), Karen.  What beauties!  The cactus cowboy magnet is just darling and handmade (if I could do that I would make something for my giftees!)  The idea I have is to use the pattern she sent for pincushions and see if I can crochet to the pattern and make one of those.  Seems like that would be different, no one would have made one like that, AND cute.  Maybe - if I can pull it off.

There are always potholders, but can't make those in VC as it is acrylic.  Well, could, but won't.  Any other ideas???

By the way, although not the coldest place in the US, I took the dogs out this morning and it was 22 degrees.  It will drop another degree or two before getting warmer.  However, we never had snow as predicted.  Rain.  Should be crisp and clear for about a week at least. Hope it lasts and is clear for all of us during Thanksgiving week!



  1. Check out the canning jar pink cushion at They are really cute and you could put some awesome things in the jar to spice it up. Also, when does it have to be mailed. I have something that would be LOVELY in it.

  2. I agree, I have done the canning jar pincushions and they work out so neat. Inside the jar you can put a spool of thread, needles, thimble just let your imagination run with it. But don't worry yours will turn out great