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Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandma and Granddaughters & fast dogs!

What a wonderful visit. No snow, no wind, no rain, sunshine and blue skies, and the granddaughters and parents came to visit! Thank goodness I was smarter this year and took time to get ready two days before the event so I would not be worn out. Fun! I sincerely hope everyone had a grand holiday and some wonderful home cooked goodies (and some lovely sweet store bought, too!). Lucky for me The Daughter is a baker...she makes the most delicious cakes and pies! Yum!
....and during all this I was able to nearly finish putting together the hexagon afghan! It is going to the church sale on Friday's Winter Festival. I hope it brings in a good bit of money considering how much it cost in time and $$ to make it. Unfortunately in this area things do not sell as well (as high) as they would in a larger city where there are not so many hand made items. I'll let you know.

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