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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hook Candy

I just love that name, don't you!?!  Someone can always come up with another name that is just too great!  And crocheters need a little oomph now and again to perk up their station in life.

I have had a favorite designer for booties and slippers for the last year.  Her name is Sylvia Schuchardt - a mouthful, I am sure. Recently married, her last name is Heddwyn now, and that is a bit of a cotton-mouth one, too!  She still uses her maiden name.

Anyway, Sylvia has awesome designs that she sells. I have made some and love them....she sells more than just bootie/shoe/slipper patterns, so take a look here!  It is - so check her out!  I think she still sells at her Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

The photo is of a pair of slippers I made for my granddaughter using one of her Mary Jane designs.  Love them!

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  1. Now ya gone-n-done it! I just bought the Baby Sandal Booties pattern. Can't wait to start them. Definitely a project for watching TV tonight. Thanks A LOT, BFF!