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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secret Santa Stash! ;o) GREAT STUFF!

This is all from the Secret Santa swap in Vanna's Choice. I highly recommend two Christmas swaps to everyone! Such fun stuff. I especially love all the hand made decorations and crafty items, but the scarf is soooooo awesome! Made with Glamour from the Vanna's Choice collection (plus two skeins of the Glamour!). Cannot believe how beautiful the scarf is!

There are two angels, crochet hook sponges for metal hooks, a Santa pin, a Santa ornament, miniature knitted gloves for the tree, a crocheted Christmas tree, a Reindeer on a popcorn package, a one pound chocolate bar, a box for goodies with a top to put the pins into! A cookie cutter with a recipe (and crumbs as the helper could not resist! along with a poem about it):

I made a plate of cookies to share with you this year,
I thought it was a good way to spread some Christmas cheer.
They all looked really tasty so I thought I'd eat just one,
And a little while later I noticed they were gone!
So, here's my Christmas greeting, and a cookie cutter, too.
Now you can make your own cookies, and maybe share a few!

Thanks Karen!

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  1. Wasn't that awesome? You really had a wonderful secret Santa who was really good to you. Congrats and Merry Christmas!