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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I bought a book called "special techniques & stitches in crochet" edited by Judy Crow (honestly, it isn't capitalized anywhere!). It is one of the House of White Birches books, soft back. I don't know exactly when I bought it but I haven't taken the time to look through it until last night. I ran across an afghan called 'purple heather bobbles' by Donna Jones (again, not capitalized for some reason). The grey is a Berella worsted weight in dark oxford (looks lighter to me than dark). The other colors are Vanna's Choice in Purple Print, Dusty Purple and Purple. To me the Dusty Purple in the book looks pink, but they swear it is the Dusty color!

I have never liked the look of the Purple Print on the skein, but in this afghan I think it is absolutely gorgeous!

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  1. Lovely isn't it? I'm going to check out that book, and thanks for the heads up on it.