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Sunday, January 3, 2010


The first square is in Purple Mist and Pearl Mist. Nordic Star, free on the web. I thought it was going to curl, but seemed to straighten out. I think I did the rounds a bit different as the corners had too many dc's & chains in them, therefore making them elongated for a larger square. I love these colors together
The second square is Dahlia by Jean Leinhauser. Not as pretty in this combo as it would be if the middle was Pearl or the surrounding stitches.
The third one is Centered Square also by Jean. Bright. Very bright. Not my favorite combo, but definitely eye catching.
Last but not least is one that is based on one of Jean's squares, but it was going to turn out a tad too small, so I added rows on the Tangerine stripes, as well as a contrasting row of bobbles in the middle to make an arrow effect. Then I turned the next row around going opposite from the first to give it the over all effect of pointing in one direction. This is my favorite square! ;o) Not just because it is in "MY" colors for the swap, but because it's so nice a hefty and turned out right! Hah!


  1. Your squares are all just beautiful !! It is hard to pick a favorite---so I won't even try. They really are all great, you've done a good job.

  2. Molly's right, all your squares are beautiful!! And I would have to put all of them under my favorites. The designers such as Jean would be very proud of how good your work was on their patterns.

  3. Yes the squares are good. I like the last one best as well, probably because it's not your usual granny square which the others are all variations of.