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Friday, February 24, 2012

Behind again....

Finished the sweater for the one granddaughter, BUT she didn't like it.  She wants purple....

So the elder one tried it on to please G'ma. She could actually wear it until Spring. :o)

So I missed Valentine...but did make these hot pads for my DDIL and my DSD. It is a Priscilla Hewitt pattern.

Now am working on the PURPLE sweater....more to follow.


  1. These little hot pads are too cute, they really make the kitchen pretty. I'm interested in the cell phone pouches on the Irka website, they look so easy to knit. I was thinking of crocheting one but knitting seems easier. My mom just bought a little Tracfone LG800G prepaid touch screen phone, ($49.99), and to protect the screen from scratching and a fall I thought I'll make a cell phone pouch.

    1. Thanks!

      Good idea, Lynette! You can easily make a cell phone holder and it takes no time. Her designs are awesome, and knitting makes the weave a bit tighter and more protective in that sense. Crocheting makes it thicker, so more protective in THAT sense....I think the knit one is really pretty so you should try it!