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Friday, March 2, 2012

Crocheted Top....

I keep taking photos of crocheted items on TV.  I am starting to have a collection....but have not had the gumption to try and make one! 
This one was from a dress a "doctor" wore.  I could not see it all, but think it is just accented with crochet. 

Now this one isn't even crochet! What I liked about it is the coloration...and I think it would be possible to tat something like this.  I have a DVD and book on order, plus the equipment, so that I can learn to tat.  I have a pattern for a butterfly, so think it would be so cool to do these colors, put a sheer fabric behind it, and sew it to the front of a sweatshirt where you cut out the front area. 
Well, this isn't crochet either. It is the sad face of my dog Sami.  She kept scratching at her eye making the infection worse, so had to wear a little cone for 10 days.  She just hated it, but was a good little trooper.  She has it off now and is sooooo happy!


  1. My crochet skills are rather limited -- if I see too many instructions, my eyes glaze over. I like quick, simple projects for the most part. So glad Sami is all better now. Have a great weekend. Tammy

    1. If I tried to make that I'd be comatose!

  2. Pooo years agr Sami :0{

    Indy lucked out . . . she has those "fatty tumors" that dogs get. One opened two years ago and one opened several weeks ago. This on was in a place she could reach. SHe tried on, and we brought home a cone, just in case. She was good . . . would stop licking when reminded. I think she equated trying on the cone at the vets with the boo-boo . . so we were lucky.

    1. She is really happy now!

      I didn't know those fatty tumors opened up! I have them on my lower back, had two taken off my upper tum-tum. Ouch! Really need to get the ones on my back taken off as they hurt when I lean back on something. Maybe I should punch a hole in them! ;o)