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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karen's Cables

I finished the Tunisian cable pattern, but this time with three cables. This one hasn't been blocked yet, but did wet it down a bit to take the photo, which flattened the cables a bit. I did another swatch and like the look a bit better with only two TKS rows between the chains as it give the cables a fuller look. I twisted each chain so they all matched. I suppose if you were to make a sweater each side could be twisted opposite one another to mirror the image. Perhaps I think too much...however, I am planning on trying it again but using a smaller hook when it comes time to do the chains so see if I can get them to look a little more like knitting cables.  Twist them more?

Also, as a side note on my "double crochet in the air" I believe I've simplified the process quite a bit. I am not doing the "bump" on the back and it looks just fine, plus it goes quicker. I have used the yo for a beginning sc, and it works just fine, so am happy with that. I have also used 3 yo for the beginning treble and that worked fine, too. If anyone tries it, please let me know what you think. I will go over my photos next week to simplify them and add instructions. I think they are a bit confusing right now.

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