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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Squares I received today..

I am so thrilled to receive a knit cable square from Annette.  Wish my Tunisian cables looked as lovely.  It's beautiful, and will look great in Alice's Afghan. Annette sent the top three, and the other two are gorgeous, too. I'm going to start edging all the squares in green later this week so when they are all here I can just put them together. Might do green and yellow. Will then have two afghans to send at once for the little ones.

It is hard to believe the squares that LindaH sends - just beautiful, and I received two today. This was the bonus day for squares.  They are always so substantial and beautifully patterned.

However, it was the bonus day PERIOD. BFF Beverly sent me a pot load of booklets (and one book) full of patterns! Tunisian Stitch patterns! WOW! Am I blessed, or what! I saw a lovely little girls dress in there that I think I could make into a pinafore. Haven't used that word in many years - pinafore.  It's such a cute dress, and looks like it would really be fun to make.  There is also a lovely Navy Coat that I believe I can make into a shorter version.  Thanks Bev!  You are the bomb!

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