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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My First Puzzle

My BFF in San Diego, Leonora, gave me several puzzles for Christmas.  Previously, I have been putting together the 500 piece puzzles by the Utah artist, Dowdle. This one is 3000 pieces.....Hubby had to cut a piece of plywood that is 55x36" so I am able to fit the puzzle on the table (of course we rarely eat dinner there!). The pieces in the box are the ones I have already gone through, the pieces to the right in the bag are the ones I am still sorting - looking for side pieces to put together.

I started this process Sunday morning. As you can see, this will take quite least it will keep me off the streets at night, and out of trouble!

Since the photo was taken, I have completed the side except for five or six pieces that must now be in the sorted pile! Ugh.....but am not going back through them again.  I also have a few pieces of the Zebra and the lily pads together, and a few other hooked onto the side pieces.

I don't know that I am going to like this one.....SO much harder than the Dowdles!


  1. That's a huge puzzle! Good luck on getting it done, it's definitely going to keep you out of trouble for awhile lol.

  2. Just make sure this doesn't take away from your stitching time :0}

  3. Great mind exercise doing a puzzle - I can only cope with the smaller ones, meaning the bigger, fewer pieces. I'd have to have help or work myself up gradually to a 3,000 piece puzzle or else I'd just run away screaming...

    Have fun. I should do the little one I have just for practice!