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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Book ....

I purchased this book on Amazon.  It is called "Interlocking Crochet" and has quite the dazzling collection of geometric patterns.  So many, that I was wondering why she put all of them in one book when she could have made two, and twice the money!  That makes me like her, and her patterns, all the more.

I made one pattern in Vanna's Choice and got "off kilter" on my counts. I learned just how important it is to check EACH row and make sure the pattern is right.  I am going to finish the square just because - and use it in my afghan. I don't mind.  I would not, however, use it for an afghan that I'm giving away. This will be my own donation to my "Uptown/Downtown" swap on Ravelry.

The second square I started and finished is made with kitchen cotton.  It did not turn out as thick as I would have liked, but it will be okay to use. Plus it will shrink and "fatten up" a bit. For my own potholders I have found I'm not hanging them so am not putting on the loop. Might as well make them easier!

What I learned on this second square is that I have a lot to learn. Hmmmmm.  Mainly, I did not finish it off or border it well.  The pattern got lost on the top and bottom edges on the mainly brown side - so I must have missed something in the instructions.  I think I have it in my head now, so will make another attempt, doing another potholder.

I am already considering how to make a large afghan using this book - perhaps  bordering in one of the patterns and using something else for the middle.  Any suggestions?

I think this is a book I can highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn a new crochet method, and anyone who wants to make something spectacular and different! Come on - you know you want to try this!


  1. That looks very pretty - I enjoy discovering new stitches and crochet methods. It's good to know you enjoyed that book. I collect patterns and books so that I can always try something new to challenge myself. I have a great book called "From Knit to Crochet" that shows items that are knitted and the same item converted to Crochet with a stitch that looks very much like the knit stitch - that is a very interesting book too.

  2. WOW . . . .you are getting so talented . . or should I say more talented . . . you could send me your mistakes anytime . . but,, wait . . I have to be in the swap, right? LOLOL

    If I don't "write" at you again, hope you, the hubby and the fur-babies have a great holiday.

    \0/ paula

  3. This is really interesting! Haven't seen anything else like it. Thanks for showing us all... I'm intruiged!
    Caz :)

  4. Ooohh, you are right - I would love to try something like this - so unusual and challenging by the looks of it! But first, I must finish all my current WIPS!