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Monday, April 11, 2011

An Elfin Stocking Cap

This is for my niece's photographer. I have one more to make for a boy.
I was thinking about Lamb and Chocolate Brown, or something with grey.....what do you think?
I really am at a loss as to what would look good. Blue and Grey? Black and White? Brown and Beige? I know I am not suppose to use greens or yellows as it makes babies look "sickly" in photos (so I am told). It leaves little from which to choose.


Link to Ravelry site for pattern by Amanda Dean

Decided to add a photo of a different "boy" cap I already finished for another gift. These look SO much better on a baby!


  1. My vote . . . lamb and chocolate. By the way, what pattern is this? I have 2 babies coming this spring and they would look so cute in one.

  2. This is the Elfin Hat. The pattern in listed on Ravelry (from an Etsy store). I know, because they asked if the previous hat I made could be used as a link. I, of course, said yes. Now my grandniece is a model! ;o)