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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Potholders - Fronts and Backs

More potholders. These are getting to be fun.  The round one comes from another book by Edie Eckman. The only reason I used it was I could not find the one by Jean Leinhauser I wanted to use.  I made a circular back in the green - nothing fancy.  The bobbles were so eye catching I decided not to fancy up the border.

On the square potholder, I used a pattern from a baby book for the center, then added rows.  On the back I sort of matched the chartreause row to give it interest.

Although you can't tell, the light color is a peach.  Hubby liked the bobble one best, and actually complimented me! Yay!

These may end up as Angel potholders. Don't know yet.....I have a few from which to choose now!


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  1. Lovely!

    I think we ordered our books on the same day even! I've had mine for a week too. Great minds indeed.