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Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a dramatic sunset right before a rain. They took on a look of a dark golden color, when in fact the hills and valleys are quite gorgeous in varying colors of greens.
I bought Hubby a new camera as his is over ten years old, and although still taking good photos, its parts were starting to wear. Also, it is much bulkier than the newer ones that are pocket size. This is one of the test photos. His birthday was in February and too much was going on for me to concentrate on a gift, so when I finally had a day alone I did some shopping. I think he is pleased with his belated gift.
It is harder on us older folks to get use to the new fangled dangled machinery! All digital, touch here, push much more complicated than one of those box Kodak camera you could pick up in the store!! However, I do believe that is one thing that keeps Hubby younger than men of his age. He is willing to try...grudgingly sometimes. I even have him using the new Touch iPod I gave him for Christmas and he is finally beginning to understand and appreciate its possibilities.
Isn't that always the way - we get older and renounce all the new things in life without really trying them out and savoring what they offer. Wasn't that one of our complaints about our parents? Time to put away the "old age card" and pick up that "young at heart" card to carry with us...get out and try things new and different. The tried and true may be where we end up, but we should not let youth have ALL the fun!!


  1. For me with all the new fangled stuff is the fact that I had reading instructions. I tend to just wing things as I go along and figure out what I can in the process. I might drag my feet at first but eventually I come around. Who knew I would be blogging for nearly 2 yars now. :) Best wishes to you, Tammy

  2. Got a new instruction book..but a dvd..which never told me even how to turn it on or how to answer it..LOL