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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fair Isle Crochet

Well - every time I browse Enthusiastic Crochetaholic's web site I end up spending money on crochet books.  I thought I was bad about collecting books, but she surpasses me on all accounts because:

1.   She is faster in making items that I am, and
2.   She knits, so she has dual interests in books!

Right now she is into Vintage.  Take a look.

So when I went looking for one of the books she was touting, I came across this Fair Isle To Crochet book by Karen Ratto-Whooley, our own KRWKnitwear on Ravelry.  It was published last year and I have no clue why I just ran across it.

Although the patterns ARE Fair Isle, they are rather big because they are in afghans. This great idea can work, however, in smaller items. You just need a smaller hook and smaller yarn and a smaller project! ;o)

I am particularly fond of the Southwest Warmth, #2 and the last one on the back cover, Baby Hearts.

Whether it is tedious or not, I don't know - I do knot that you only work ONE way, leaving 8" of yarn on both ends and that the right side remains the right side, and you don't strand, you work over the yarn. Sort of like Tapestry.

I'm going to try my hand the Southwest one for a nephew this summer for Fall delivery.  You can change up the colors, too, so you may not like her colors, but the patterns are awesome!


  1. These look amazing. I like the last one with the hearts as well. Imagine the possibilities with this technique. I wonder if she is using a Tunisian hook? It would be interesting to find out how many hours one of these take?

  2. Really pretty. I like the pink and turquoise mix right under the Southweastern one. I have made an afghan where you did turn it and finished off each side with a strand. I had a lot of trouble with it staying straight. It kept going to the right all the time.

  3. Gorgeous afghans! I can't imagine how it all works. I tried tunisian once but all those loops on the hook drove me crazy ... which is why I don't knit. :) Good luck with the Southwest pattern. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Each row is single crocheted, and she only goes one way. You start on one end, right side only, and sc in back loops. I think one could do this in Tunisian, too, but I'm not sure that I'd want to weave in the ends! ;o) In her technique, she works over the color she isn't using, like in tapestry.

    I'll get around to making one of them soon enough and will let you know how it goes!!

  5. Oh no. I think I'm going to need another book. LOL I've always wondered how I could recreate my love of southwest blankets via my crochet hook. LOVE.